Guermessa, a village out of time

Guermessa is one of the pearls of South West Tunisia with Chenini and Douiret – it is in the Tunisian Dahar, some twenty kilometers from Tataouine.guermassaLike many perched villages, the village is not seen from the road. It hides and is confused with nature. Guermessa is an uninhabited village which is both a Kssar and troglodyte.guermassa1
From Guermessa, the view is sublime to 360 °.

When you take the time to walk around and explore every corner of the village, the village is uncovered and we discovere that the Kssar consists of dwellings, an oil mill, a mosque, alleys, Of courtyards, …

Here and there, admire the old wooden palm doors, amphoras and oil jars, inscriptions and engravings on the walls, a sign of a time when the children were running, the bread was baking and the village was throbbing … Take also The time to look at certain ceilings of parts not dug into the rock or the ground. Some are also made of palm wood.

Guermessa is in the Governorate of Tataouine, whose name means in Berber “source of water”. The area is rich in neolithic and protohistoric, Punic and Roman remains.

Huge potential, the region is unfortunately neither valued nor exploited. Guermessa like many other sites is hardly worth mentioning. Besides, you need to plan for some water and something to nibble especially if you have children because firstly, you will not find anything on the spot and second, you may also spend more time than expected. The place is magical. It allows to recover, to re-find the serenity and to be posed far from the tumult of the city and the stress.



Here, as in the region of Medenine, the reign is that of the ocher color and the rocky mountains.guermessa-ad1guermessa-ad2



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