Oran: Tribute to neighboring Algeria

Tender thoughts to Oran, the radiant, city symbol of parties.

May our friendships accompany millions of Tunisians and Algerians who, through the roads of Melloula, Babouche and El Oued Souf, come to celebrate life, every year, here in Tunisia.

ORAN: Poem by Bouzid Herzallah (Algerian poet) – April 291

Have you ever seen the sea sleep so small in the arms of Oran?

Have you ever seen the high mountain, so high praying to rise again and to be able to kiss the fingertips of Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz wraps Oran poems, where the gazelle opens the heart of the rocks, Gazelle accompanying the Man inviting God to his joy and erase all religions.

Photographies : Pierre Gassin

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