All is not lost for Tunisian tourism, but …

The progress of this video corrects fortunately the shooting, evoking the attention of staff.
All is not lost for tourism and Tunisia.
Still, beyond individual initiatives, beyond the positive ideas from individuals who dare, it is important, essential and vital to correct the image fo the country abroad today .
In this respect, it is the largest passive … or worst blunders on the part of those whose task, the mission is to promote tourism, to illuminate everything the new tourism in Tunisia. The expertise is in particular one of these characteristics it is important to cultivate, maintain, enhance.

The know-how, tradition, creation knowledge … and reception knowledge in Tunisia still far less turbulent than the leaves and that suggest the relationship of a currency, it is true, sometimes hot.
In this regard, it is important that the media find and take the proper distance between the sensitive relationship events … and a Tunisian reality nevertheless still very pleasant to live with.

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