Alternative tourism; A law finally, but …

The diversification of the tourist offer did more than start with Tunisia which today has more of cottages, rural houses, campsites, initiatives around the hiking, equestrian, environmental …

This tourism exists because it develops in either the grand or through prohibitive investments or through administrative authorizations, as indispensable as they are, often arrive when the alternative tourism train left for new station.

The best that can be hoped of alternative tourism today is to have an administration and promotion up to its promises. The best one can hope is that its achievements are more like oases in the desert but the links in a chain that runs through Tunisia in all directions. A leisure chain, a chain of receptions, a chain offering a thousand possibilities.

It is all Tunisia that must enroll within the alternative tourism. By offering what it has good and best, resurrecting “its” craft rather than junk too often presented to tourists. Also offering a kitchen like the tourists love it, rather than boiled boilerplate supposed to please everyone and satisfying no one.

Tunisia and its leaders: they must also know what they want.
Backward or forward.
Close or open.
Reassure or frighten.

Salafism, assault, violence, intolerance … will never do well with tourism, alternative or other . That the government intends to implement the law for all, without limitation, that’s fine … for the good order of Tunisia and democracy for which this country has made the revolution. But it is far from sufficient to reassure tourists that were spoiled for choice when choosing their holiday destination.

This is undoubtedly the prevention of all forms of imbalances and abuse that Tunisia will regain the lost tourism . It also must have an original promotion, diverse and permanent … “real” that tourists will return to Tunisia that will offer it them.

Alain Trémiseau


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