Anticipation … Anticipation and Communication

The famous “Jasmine Revolution”, the famous “Arab Spring” could or could flourish history for eternity so the movements were justified, so they were brave and glorious. They will probably have a place in the world history of Humanity, forever, like the French Revolution, in its time.

The next date of 23 October2012 risks lifting a situation of legal conflict, constitutional conflict, political conflict, popular conflict … In itself, the moment is extremely serious. It can also become the element that could reduce to nothing, reduce to ZERO, the heroic behaviors of those who engaged in the revolution in Tunisia (throughout the country). Should the “zero” find its Arab origin but in negative by this date of October 23 which is likely to be fateful for the country?

WHY this alarm call?
From my reading, according to my discussions, it is neither partisan nor misleading to say that the Constitution to be presented to the ANC is neither ready nor probably acceptable by a mandatory majority of 2 / 3.

It is neither partisan nor misleading to say that “essential” themes (a qualifier to be taken in its etymological sense) pose or will pose debates or clashes long to resolve. Example: the equality between the Man and the Woman, the freedom of artistic creation, that of the Press …

It is neither partisan nor false to say that the Constitution must decide the type of regime to choose to ensure a true democratic equilibrium, avoiding dictatorial excesses that has already experienced the country. And the differences are known … It is neither partisan nor misleading to say that the Tunisian people must be associated, involved in the acceptance of the Constitution by a referendum and that such a vote requires time to set up, but above all it is a theme of such great complexity that it will take time and communication for Tunisia, throughout its territory and all its social strata to vote in full knowledge of the facts.

Finally, it is neither partisan nor misleading to say that providing for a vote for the future Legislative Assembly means having a “fair” or as neutral as possible voting system because it is well known that the choice of a voting system has a direct and important influence on the outcome of votes.
I am not just talking about alternatives between the majority or proportional or mixed system. But everything has consequences: vote at 1 or 2 rounds, the small or large number of constituencies, the geographical definition of these constituencies, etc.
Where is the ANC on this theme? Is it up to the ANC to decide? The debates on the future Independent Higher Instance for Elections “(ISIE) are eloquent …

Another last fact, Tunisia says to have voted overwhelmingly in the election of the ANC and it is neither partisan nor misleading to say that it is an affirmation “artificial”. The participation results are based on the number of Tunisians registered on the electoral lists, a relatively small number compared to the number of Tunisians who can vote.

In addition, it has been rightly accepted to have non-registrants vote for their identity. Mathematically, the participation rate became high. But will the country be able or will it have to allow such processes again? For the future vote, it would have been necessary to start a massive campaign of cleaning lists and new inscriptions on the whole territory, which is long, expensive in time, in energy and in financial means …

What will happen to the presidential election if we decide on an election for Universal Suffrage? When ? Before or after the Legislative? The effects of the moment are not neutral on the vote concerning the Assembly … The content, the role of the President and the Assembly are not the same in the case of a Presidential, Parliamentary or other system.

Is it necessary to continue the list of uncertainties, very delicate difficulties, even very explosive that await the country after 23 October 2012? Is it necessary to insist again and again on the number of legal and constitutional procedures that are not in place and that it will be impossible to put in place before the date of October 23, 2012 which had been “consensually” announced …

SO ?
Will it wait until October 23 to decide?

I address with respect both the Troika, the Opposition and Tunisians and Tunisians to say and repeat: ANTICIPATION … ANTICIPATION … ANTICIPATION … and COMMUNICATION!

And the word ANTICIPATION is almost misguided because we are less than 2 months from this date which can be bumper, which can become a wall in which Tunisia can collide or even disintegrate !!

I’m not optimistic enough to believe in the possibility of a big “Rendez-vous Tunisian Manager”, but already I ask each political entity to meet, reflect and COMMUNICATE his vision of what must be organized now to try to lead the country before and after 23 October.

Already having the knowledge of how everyone reads the reference texts which are the basic law of the Provisional Organization of Powers (OPP)? Having knowledge of the hypotheses, proposals, roadmaps of the 3 Troika Presidencies, Political Parties’ Leaders within the ANC and any existing political entity, would be a useful source of starting point.

But as it is more realistic that this prerequisite will be difficult to know, it becomes urgent for each “position” to be known so that Tunisians and Tunisians are not with a single alternative, that of starting alone, as they have already do it …

This message will hurt many readers who will ask who I am to express myself in this way.

I am a French and for some, I better not interfere in Tunisian interests. I know the usual rejections of my opinions of some:

– I am French, so I can not understand Tunisia.

– I am French and I can not read or speak Arabic, so I would have only partial information, even non-objective because the press in French has a political tendency.

-I am French and France has been and still is in a hegemonic, domineering, contemptuous or even colonialist position vis-à-vis Tunisia, so I should “clear” with my arrogant ideas.

-I am French so my only source of information would be Facebook in French, so a Francophile and Francophone audience located in La Marsa that would have nothing to do with real Tunisia.

SO !

Fortunately, I have Tunisian friends who listen to me and who know my intellectual investment and even proximity to Tunisia. And who know my efforts of understanding for what happens there. I have lived there already 3 years and I come there for a year with great frequency.
SO !

In France and Spain, I held positions (which I believe) important in some political parties, in a Cabinet Ministerial. I was a candidate in various elections and I was elected in a municipality.
SO !

Nothing forced you to read me!

And I know the independence of spirit, the capacity of reflection and action of the Tunisian people, from where this writing which is everything except of the interference or the presumptuousness …

I love Tunisia too much!

Daniel Delvert

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