Being a single woman: stigmatized?

She waited for the prince charming who never showed up. At some point in her life, she tried to share the joys of her friends, their marriage, the birth of their children, but she quickly disenchanted because they did not invite her preferring to be between couples. However, she was able to manage her loneliness, to find a balance, to travel, to dream … in short, to remain standing despite a hostile entourage who did not miss a single opportunity to remind her that her status as a bachelor is a blemish that nothing can “Heal”. Maternity, the education of children and support for one’s spouse are the main roles of a woman, she said.

After the quarantine, the questions were in his mind: what have I done with my life? What’s wrong with me? What does this society reproach me that I have respected? Being a person’s wife, should I be a “nothing”?
Many unmarried women in Tunisia have had a life that resembles that of Khedija, their fault is to belong to a society that remains macho, victims themselves of the prejudices of the latter, unable to put these values ​​in question.

Women’s celibacy is a very delicate and complicated problem. It constitutes human suffering when it is not a choice of life, assumed and lived in freedom.

Some argue that by re-establishing polygamy, it will be overcome, while in countries like Saudi Arabia, where polygamy is allowed, the rate of single women is very high. In this kind of country where women are reduced only to their status as wives, to be the wife of nobody consists in being reduced to nothing …

Dorra Harrar


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