Emergency, You did say Emergency?

At least we rejoice to see it join the ranks of countries where we strongly advise not to travel and in which citizens are evacuated, as is the case of the Americans who spent the weekend  leaving the country following the instructions from Washington.

In less than 72 hours, Tunisia is “somalised” .A record to enter the picture of a troika in full meltdown. Before the blind stubbornness of Rached Ghannouchi, the idleness of Moncef Marzouki and cowardice of Mustapha Ben Jaffar, have we hit bottom?

Unless an extraordinary outburst, the worst may still happen especially with the approach of the fateful date of 23 October. Ennahda in power has played the rules and swallowed up the democratic process. Karima Sioud, Ettakatol MP in the Constituent Assembly, said in a call message to the rescue: “Where are you Mr. President of the Constituent Assembly, Ennahda has bloated us! “.

Ennahda in power has shown its limits but not those of its madness. At the head of the executive, it sinks into failure. By dint of stubbornness, incompetence and internal divisions that explode into the open, she gets caught in its own game. By dint of playing with fire, it is burned.

By dint of refusal and denial, victimization and the culture of the plot, it causes much of the country towards the precipice momentarily condemning its future driving away its human resources, by not capturing the capital that fly, driving away investment towards greener pastures and especially when there are governance to which priorities are the development, reduction of unemployment, respect for human rights, …

So it was not to cannibalize the Islamists, it is they who have striven to do the playing around shades of political Islam. Who speaks of Islamization while Tunisians are dying of hunger and thirst? That obstructs the work of the media? That attempts to entrench a doctrine in the administration and the institutions and cheek delivery dates of the Constitution and those of the next election? Who does not put up independent bodies? Who strives to repeat that the government will remain long in power?

But long why?
Long enough to enjoy the power and privileges? Our rulers divide Tunisians and sow resentment, anger and hatered. A revolutionary government was committed to “clean up” a system but fails to make it move one iota. After months and months of incompetence, mismanagement, is governance with three heads that still have not understood that in such a transition, gather the skills and all the energy is not a luxury but a matter of survival.
The government is suffering from lack of vision, lack of support from the governing body side and a large part of the forces of the country. Before blaming others, our leaders have asked specifically where they want to lead Tunisia? If it is deadlocked, they succeeded. If it is towards isolation it is ongoing. If it is to the uncertainty and violence, it is already done!

The country frightens and scares. Informed observers and civil society had fired several times the alarm at the rise of fanaticism. Who has heard? Certainly not Rached Ghannouchi who fills the continuing irony of finding alibis in 1001 and turned against the government composed mainly of militants and followers!

We are told that now, the three Presidencies are committed to deal with the “political violence”. Finally? Really ? Was it the dead and such enormous damage lives and reputation of Tunisia to understand?

The mission of governance with three heads is to complete a transition to democracy, to ensure the safety and cohesion of the nation. Tunisia is increasingly fearing and arouses pity for a nation who does not recognize this violence.

Today, it is no longer simply to condemn the violence, it is to repress firmly.

Amel Djait


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