Lampedusa disaster: lessons to be learned

A tragedy that saddens us, shames and horrifies us. It reflects the desperation of a fringe of our youth believes that the country has nothing to offer them to solve their social problems as economic.

The boats of death are tragic, everyone agrees on it, but everyone does not have the decency to avoid exploit the recent events related thereto. This is a very complex issue to understand and solve as all socio-economic challenges in our country and which causes sufferings especially for youth. The political debate since 14 January neglected these essential questions, often limited to promise unrealistic solutions without deep reflection.
The energies of the whole nation should be directed primarily toward understanding these problems instead of run out in false politicking problems.

One of the essential questions that arises is the care and support of our youth by educational institutions, social and cultural. These should aim to better prepare them to understand the world they live not to sink into misinformation like to believe that Europe can offer them a decent future where they can get rich easily.

Moreover, the government needs to address in the short term to dismantle the networks that profit from the desperation of these young people to enrich and loading those first on makeshift boats.

As for Europe, it should stop its hypocritical policy of granting visas of eliminating a large fringe of applicants based on criteria that are intended to limit illegal immigration. The failure to respond positively to these pushes them to take these death boats.

How sad this world is , where it releases more and more the movement of goods to limit that of men. One may wonder if there is not this greatest contradiction, because these young people are the first victims of a world that grows to consumerism and the illusion of salvation enrichment at the expense of all human values.

Dorra Harrar


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