Sad week for Tunisian youth

The past week, many young people died. One in an accident, the other because of a health problem. Fit of anger for this youth suffering, leave, struggles and disappears in the prime of life …

Beyond the sadness and pain …
These young people who leave are victims of fate and as a believer, I can only bow before the will of god. That said, our young people are victims of a State which fails to take care of his children …

What about the roads, our infrastructure, etc?

What about the rescue that never come soon enough?

What about the means of our hospitals and clinics?

What about our ASSISTED attitudes that do nothing to change?

What of our evenings or model is that drinking every night until drunkenness?

What about our preventive policy and advocacy for STDs, drugs, idleness, suicide?

What about our attitudes of parents who are clear-checks to buy peace or social inclusion?

What about our children who die crossing the Mediterranean because this country does not reassure the …

What about hate, permanent denigration and lack of humanism of our compatriots …

What of our judicial system that breaks at the slightest mistake?

Our children are still paying and will pay a heavy price. Our children who die and leave, are the mirror of our failures.


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