The Tunisians are depressed


According Rim Ghachem in 2012, the number of consultations at the Razi hospital totaled 150,000, or 25% more compared to 2011.

She added that Tunisia has become increasingly irritable after the revolution and that if in 2011 most patients were police officers, in 2012 it is rather the teachers and paramedics who are most affected by depression due the lack of security in schools and hospitals.

Another revelation and not the least the women are the most affected by the trauma.

She also noted the  number of consultations after the assassination of the leader Chokri Belaid has increased. She appealed to the policies that are working to improve the visibility of the country and to open and reassuring prospects for Tunisians.

For its part, Soufiane Zribi said the increasing number of traumatized people is evident through the increasing number of Tunisians who consume soft drugs and other (alcoholic beverages, tranquilizers, antidepressants, cannabis …).

He warned against the further cost of this new trend for public health and safety in the country.

Source: Express FM

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