Tunisian heritage: Who will stop the massacre?

How many historical and natural sites were ransacked, looted, burned? Between sloppiness, lack of awareness and resources, these days sign the death warrant of our heritage. It is every day that will write the pages of a history that is slyly gum.

Hundreds of sites are routinely turned into open garbage in secret for all types of traffic or urinal. Each gives free rein to his mind “innovative” and they are even planting condiments on an archaeological field. In the medina of Tunis, Sousse or Kélibia, sites are becoming dumping grounds, coastal areas are under assault, archaeological sites are built on… The city of Tunis with hundreds of historical sites is accelerated deterioration its historic capital; capital had yet earned him a devoted World Heritage of UNESCO.

Which statements are municipalities for the call to respond quickly? Actually do the police when they are called to respond? Apart from signing petitions and do sit in (which is already a step), as was the case to stop the degradation of the marine area of Tabarka what can we do? Where to turn? What are our appeal as a citizen witnessed the massacre?

Why take offense to a “pile of rocks” while the urgency is also claimed by some. It is indisputable that emergencies are many and that offended or indignant of a wall will crack, a building that was destroyed, a tree that is felled may seem secondary, if it is not that this is what makes the capital of Tunisia, its identity, its history and its future

And remember all the same that the archaeological heritage and cultural tourism, if developed, is a source of significant financial input for the economy of a country. Is not this capital which is also the historical and commercial value of Tunisia? Maintained, operated and valued, this heritage could be a powerful lever for the economy. Worldwide many cities have realized this and are betting on this link history to attract travel fans  remains and ancient civilizations. An investment that requires awareness and coordination between the different actors.

Faced with the pace of the destruction of our heritage and other acts of looting and vandalism, one wonders if he really be something to enhance Tunisia a few years. How to develop cultural tourism if there are more goods related thereto? Who will explain to our children that deprives them of part of their history as we look national heritage disappear?
Given the political situation, these issues will be on the agenda in a year or two years. At this rate what will remain of our heritage?

Amel Djait


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