Tunisian tourism, a plot or a knock for nothing?

There is no doubt that this marriage is aging bad. Becoming grumpy and rusty, the protagonists of this bad movie can not afford a divorce or new umpteenth marriage  given the accumulation of resentments and misunderstandings, bitterness and other failures.

Elyes Fakhfakh, by attacking Mohamed Belajouza calling him “man of the past”, “… represents only himself …” missed an opportunity of good and better speak up or shut up forever. He attacked a man on its representativeness. Remarks that qualify Mongi Karaouili, president of the Federation for hotel Tozeur, “flagrant and unacceptable interference in the choice of their representatives democratically elected by secret ballot.”

Hichem Driss, for the Federation of Sousse Kantaoui, evokes “respect and solidarity of all the hoteliers in the region” to the person of the President of the FTH.

Jallel Bouricha for the Federation of Djerba, calls to change “the working methods of the ministry remained unchanged and retains the same system of bygone times.”

The minister hinted that he Mohamed Belajouza could be involved in shady deals saying he was a “man of Ben Ali”? For this, only justice is mistress. For the rest, it would have avoided blaming others for what the minister couldn’t manage to do himself. Revolutionize his own ministry and break the inertia about the changes that had to operate within ONTT (National Office of Tunisian tourism), AFT (Tourism Land Agency) …

To cause this tourist revolution, which still does not come, should one have to be revolutionary himself and then know a little more in tourism!

At the head of the FTH since 2008, even Belajouza would be “a man of Ben Ali” or Bourguiba, or both, there is a pan with heirs of the national economy and its future. Must be laundered without being charged for the recognition his anchor and that of his fellows in this country?

His case is typical of many entrepreneurs that we beckons for having “managed” or “advantage of the system.” It is up to the government resulting from this revolution to sort the wheat from the chaff and to free the country of the hostage, businessmen in all economic sectors, which eventually suffocate the future. By dint of compromise and compromise is the Tunisian revolution that one mortgage. Build more prosperous and fair tomorrow in line with the dignity of needs, justice, labor, chanted by the people, necessarily pass through a transmission and a generational leap that can be done in the default compliance to be before Justice.

A case not more than a nomination or an election falls from the sky. If Elyes Fakhfakh aimed at her speech to encourage changes in attitudes and procedures within the profession, he missed a unique opportunity to initiate.

These changes can not be achieved by opening the debate, consultation and negotiation. To make it stronger profession, which greatly needs, it is not only to denigrate or deny. This is not changing vis-à-vis -like specified by the Minister stating that “it is not only with the President of the FTH represents only the person that we establish dialogue” -but in equipping this structure and his ilk with new powers they can evolve and become more efficient. It is not as heard in the creation of a parallel structure that tourism will rebuild.

To build the future, it is vital to support change in mentality. For their part, the professionals have to take responsibility for their sector and to address the problems that plague their products.

By addressing the big issues that plague the Tunisian hotel and part of its tourism, Elyes Fakhfakh mind. Since his statements on the creation of an asset management fund on the hotel debt, worry professional mounts. They feel excluded from decisions in a case regarding the highest point. Leaning, finally, on this issue, the minister is trying an opening on reforms. His mistake, he said no more and still waiting “the right time”.

Its clumsy and sometimes risky declarations, type the United States of America “exaggerated” their repatriation decision after the attack on the embassy, it is difficult to sort the sensational statements of Elyes Fakhfakh those relating to real reforms. The Minister has increased the announcement effects like creating tourist tax immediately denied by the services concerned.

By choosing rightly or not, to “save the season” at the expense of more radical and Organization Affairs, Elyes Fakhfakh comes out with a positive balance that makes him one of the least bad ministers of the Troika. His record, contested by professionals, he made him the man of the situation or the future for Tunisian tourism? This is a whole other debate.

At present, and despite the controversy that has continued to swell, the Minister of Tourism as well as the president of the FTH necessarily aware that reforms are impossible without mutual support. Recent statements of the Tunisian Federation of Travel Agencies (FTAV) supporting FTH through its President-elect, takes the side of the men of the past. Thus, the entire profession confirms that it still expects a lot of administration. Far from the sterile quarrels, political will is needed to rebuild the accelerator Tunisian tourism.

Hopefully the political stakes will not be used to add oil to the fire at the cost of rescuing the sector.

Threats on tourism arise in terms of quality, tourism policy and investment, environment, promotion, diversification, governance, security and image of the destination that can not afford to see worsen by internal communication problems.

Tourism has too long suffered from autism hitting each other. This inability to work together has leaded the past. Do not miss the future. A revolution is rare and valuable!

Amel Djait


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