“Glances crossed: living heritage in the Mediterranean” from Batna en route to Tunis

The idea of ​​this exhibition that comes straight from the city of Batna (Algeria) after a tour in Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Italy and other European cities, is to question the place that holds the exceptional Mediterranean heritage of a rich, multiple and sometimes conflicting past within contemporary societies.

This exhibition is the result of a photography contest launched in May 2010 in which photographers of all ages and from the Mediterranean region took part, with a strong presence of young artists.

The 30 snapshots selected for this exhibition offer a wide variety of direct or offbeat, serious, tender, ironic or naive glances on the permanence of this past or near past, but omnipresent in everyday life in the Mediterranean. According to the dossier of presentation of this artistic event sent to the TAP agency, a great freedom of choice was voluntarily left to the participants in order to privilege a personal vision of a tangible and intangible heritage illustrating itself in very different contexts through Mediterranean countries and cultures.

The photographs that will be exhibited offer different perspectives on archeological sites, monuments, urban or rural landscapes, traditional buildings, traditions and customs, ancestral know-how, all of which evoke the richness of each of the countries of the Mediterranean. illustrious civilizations have left many testimonies of their greatness and attesting that the Mediterranean has been since antiquity the crossroads of peoples, religions and cultures.

Among the photographs that update the beauty of certain sites or traditions include “The trance of Arrif” (Tunisia) French photographer Augustin Gaul who places the man and his practices at the heart of his work and “El Djem” of Mahmoud Mensi.

This exhibition is part of the Euromed Heritage program of the European Union (a program that has been working since 1988 to promote the cultural heritage in the Mediterranean) in partnership with the association ECUME and Rehabimed, a Barcelona-based association working on sustainable rehabilitation. built park and the social and economic revitalization of historic centers in the Mediterranean countries.


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