The 4 Awards of Excellence at the 1st Tunisian Contests of Local Products

The 1st Tunisian Contest for Terroir Products delivered all its results. Out of 227 products, 30% of the products are medalists.

4 Awards of Excellence have been awarded. Here is the selection:

NOUR OASIS, in the category Aromatic Fruits and Aromatic Plants, a molasses of dates from Kebili.

This organic product is also called “Rob-al-Tamr”. It is 100% extracted from the date base. It is an excellent substitute for sucrose because of its high sweetness. It is a natural and healthy food and does not need to add sugar or other preservatives.

This energy product is recommended for older men, pregnant women before and after delivery, babies, children, athletes, couples … The molasses contains a very large number of mineral elements including calcium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, and other vitamins beneficial to the body (A, B1, B2, C). Date syrup can be stored for two years in a cool, dry place away from light and heat.

Olive oil and olives category, organic olive oil from SODEPA, from the Zaghouane terroir.

The company was founded in 1998. It employs around 400 people and exports organic oil, olives, …

Vegetables and herbs category, the chopped tomatoes dried and chilled with Safir.

The history of this brand begins with the patriarch Ayachi Zammel (1928-2005) who began working, at 17, as a worker in a distillation company where he learned the profession of distillation of aromatic plants. In 1955, he created the family company and bought his first still. In 1969, his son Abdelhamid joined him to take care of the crops of medicinal plants and the distillation of the latter. From a still in 1955, it goes to 60 in a while. In his dynamism, he sets up the company’s first mechanical oil mill with a capacity of 25T olives / day. In 2001, he set up a production line of a cactus extract in exclusive collaboration with a French laboratory. This extract is then patented and distributed in 40 countries.

In 2005, a new company was born “Nouvelle Huilerie Ayachi”. It specializes in the production of extra virgin organic olive oil for export and at the same time begins the production of sun-dried tomatoes for export. Since then, the company has implemented several certifications, launched a Research and Development department, extended its oil mill capacity to reach 500T / day and increased its storage capacity to reach 5000T / day in stainless steel tanks.

The tomato cracker that won the Prix d’Excellence has, according to its producer, a powerful and tangy character of the dried tomato that goes with the peppery and subtle notes of red pepper … In a colorful recipe, this alliance gives a product able to surprise all taste buds. Lovers of new flavors will find in this crushed dried tomatoes spicy of the SAFIR range a product to discover!

Category Honey and cheese, Eucalyptus honey from SMSA Al Najah, Beni Khedache.

Beni Khedache is a town of 3000 inhabitants, south east of Tunisia, located between Jebel Dahar and Grand Erg Oriental, 30 km from Medenine and 130 from Djerba. The Mutual Basic Society of Agricultural Services “Ennjah” is composed of about thirty beekeepers, out of more than 330 members, who produce nearly 5 tons of rosemary honey, flowers ….

The smsa was created in 2010. It organizes awareness days and training for farmers and participates in several markets and events promoting local products

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