A creative Culinary Trip to “Dar Sleh”

The regulars of the house “Dar SLEH” are often heading to this restaurant in the medina when they have cravings quince couscous and fish or “osbane” unless they are tempted by homemade “Nouasser” … others are heading “Dar SLEH” every time they want a couscous with squid ink! Surprising? Not at all ! For those who know Sadry and his team know that he creates dishes, dare mixtures, teases the palate, flavors tent, …

On the menu, the latest creations of the chef!dar sleh

To start, nothing like a stuffed fish with coriander and stuffed with meat and cheese wrapped in the skin of a prickly pear! Stunning, surprising, amusing … ..The starter is fresh, delicate, flavored and pretty. Sliced, steamed, admission is served cold with a delicate tomato confit sauce.

dar sleh

For the main course, I let myself try a variation from Aleppo pines, known in Arabic as the “zgougou” and from which it is customary to prepare a “assida”.

For starters, the first dish is a stew of Aleppo pine “markat zgougou”. Cut sliced, lamb meat is cooked in white sauce with saffron, salt and pepper. It is then sprinkled with pine Aleppo cream and served with vegetables. Hot, stew eaten with bread.

dar sleh1

The second creation of “Dar SLEH” is a delicious white couscous cooked with lamb with rosemary and sprinkled with a delicate sauce of Aleppo pine. The whole is served with fried zucchini dressed to accompany the dish.

The tasting at “Dar SLEH” is fun and Sadry remains as usual, discreet, smiling and attentive to all comments and suggestions. But how did the idea of creations from the Aleppo pine come? He answers: “By having fun. I have the chance to do a job I love, surrounded by guests who appreciate my courage and I am supported in the kitchen by a hardworking team … The rest is ongoing ”

It must be said that the “zgougou” is used in several countries in the Mediterranean and East In Algeria, the seeds are soaked with walnut kernels in honey? This is a tasty morsel is savored in the mountains of the Aures. The Aleppo pine nut is rich in potassium, sodium and magnesium. It contains vitamin B1 and iron. Energy, it is rich in carbohydrates and fat .. Good source of vegetable protein, it also contains a significant amount of fiber.

With such creations, the “Dar SLEH” confirms once again its talent. A few years ago, the property introduced into the card, couscous with squid ink. A largely inspired dish of “Italian risotto with sepia” and has many followers.

Finally, an “assida” in Aleppo pine was needed. It was delicious!


For further information: http://darslah.tn

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