The Movenpick Gammarth, 6 years later …. And now?

When 6 years ago the hotel Abou Nawas Gammarth (local hotel brand) became Monvenpick, many feared that it is sanitized, denatured and packaged by international standards that often grind the peculiarities of institutions. Today, we are far from this disaster scenario. The Movenpick Gammarth is one of the jewels of the hotel industry in Tunisia. The hotel which consists of 119 rooms displays 78% in annual filling rate and employs more than 248 people. Narrated by Amel DJAIT

“We are leaders in the capital. Our average room price is 376 dinars, without taxes or breakfast. Our filling rate is 78% on an annual average and we realize an average room occupancy of 98% during the week. Our clientele is almost exclusively Business and we have a loyal clientele. If for the story, as explained by Wissem Ben Arfa, Executive Assistant manager of the establishment, an Italian customer has stayed more than 128 times at the hotel, it is nonetheless true that the Movenpick Gammarth is “Ranked” n ° 1 on Tripadvisor, destination Hotel / La Marsa with 772 reviews and a general rating of 4/5 with for review Très Bien.

And it is not because everything is fine that the Movenpick Gammarth falls asleep on its laurels! On the program of its 2018 construction sites, a total renovation of the rooms, reduce the energy bill of the hotel, promote Tunisia abroad and set up a calendar events provided and surprising for a clientele that will be spoiled for choice especially in the years to come.

While Tunisia seaside tourism has been in great suffering for years, city tourism, it is like a charm: “I would have had 40 or 100 additional rooms, I would have sold,” says Oliver Six, the Director General Movenpick freshly landed in Ramallah. Passionate for and by this profession, and although the speed of Movenpick Gammarth seems acquired, he knows that in the coming months, he must be attentive to the opening of 4 or 5 new hotel structures that will complement a hotel offer “business” so far not very rich on the capital.

By the end of 2017, the Four Season Gammarth, Movenpick Lake and Laicco Tunis will open. The task of Mr Six will be to maintain the position of “leader” of his hotel, to try to grading his staff, because this is one of the major challenges in this business, and to strengthen the presence of the channel Monvenpick who wants arrive at 10 hotels throughout the destination. To date, the Swiss chain operates on 83 structures in the world and wants to increase to 150 units in 2027.

While it is indisputable that the challenges will be met with fantasy and originality by the team of Movenpick Gammarth and its new Director General, Olivier Six, there is a theme with which we do not play; it’s about security. Wissem Arfa explains how this component is a priority. “A specialized UK company runs twice a year unannounced inspection visits to verify that all” processes “are applied to the letter. Olivier Six adds: “Safety is paramount for our customers, our employees, the destination, the country …”. The hotel is fully committed to training, human and financial disinvestment.

For the moment, the team is particularly proud of its offer for “Ramadhan” and the summer of 2017. The Movenpick Gammarth offers:

An international buffet menu at L’Horizon restaurant. Mediterranean cuisine at The Breeze Restaurant. Moroccan cuisine at El Omnia restaurant. The shisha bar on the terrace of El Omnia with a lutenist.

The Movenpick Gammarth Hotel also offers a superb Spa; The Kallist

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