36th seminar representative of ONTT abroad.

As usual, we had the right to some interventions breathing a little routine and even boredom.

For some players, it was formalities quickly. Despite the decor in white of the great room (meetings, weddings -Banquet concerts), the mines were rather gray and sullen and rather dark thoughts. The comments of the public and private officials were, as they say, in circumstances. The dark shadow of bearded Salafists hung over the economy.

The situation called for yet more conviction, more criticism and more creativity. Aware of the presence of a beautiful audience of journalists and TV cameras, everyone wanted to defend his most specific interests and to show that he is better than his vis-à-vis his or neighbor. Here are some samples of the responses:

Tunisian Tourism Minister Elyes Fekhfekh: “We have achieved the goals we set ourselves in 2012. We caught up with the decline in 2011 and started a real stimulus to achieve the performance of 2010. Congratulations to all my team.”

The president of the FTH: “We are still far from the figures of 2010. There is really no room for complacency.”
The president of the FTAV: “I agree with the president of the FTH I think we must have hope and keep in touch with each other. The Administration must be more cooperative and transparent…”

Representatives of ONTT “air charters, winter bookings, bookings were stagnating or declining slightly, increasing communication deficit, competition increasingly fierce, need to support the T.O. to develop the programming of the destination.”

Representatives of the Public agency could say: Thank you, thank you. Thank you for choosing us to manage your tourist communication. We are an agency known for its availability and flexibility. Who would not be faced with such mass budget?
We agree with all the points you raised, and even those you have not expressed. We designed a valid campaign for all markets. We’ve put together a large number of recipes and ingredients, and each of you can compose his own flat.

The advertising campaign that we concocted, it’s like the potluck, there are what you bring to it. Although the budget is insufficient for some markets, we take it anyway because it will be managed by our worldwide branches. So no thousandth would escape from us.
Question of media, no problem! We planned the most complete device: TV, posters, press, magazine, digital, etc. Do you want in here! A real service to the map

Obviously we’re not going to miss this opportunity to win a maximum of technical costs. This is why we expect the mix the broader media. The savings in technical expenses and expected synergies of a unified campaign will therefore remain the domain of glamor. We found a strong concept that caresses your narcissistic love of revolution and freedom in the grain and which is summarized in the following signature: “Tunisia free to live everything.”

As for the creative strategy it provides a patchwork of products and unusual and unexpected activities: golf in the arena of El Jem, swimming pool in the heart of the mountain range Midès, kite- surfing, windsurfing and catamaran arising dunes sands Douz, Djerba beaches coupled with mountains of Ksour in Tataouine.

We call it upscale and premium own trips to de-normalize your current file, even if we are convinced that the reality of your offering is different. In fact, the customer is not fooled. He knows that Tunisia has always increased its tourist promises to finally confine the seaside. His only credible offer. We, as an agency of advertising, it does not bother us to share your fantasies and even your lies!

Would have a budget over three years to build a strong image, motivating and powerful. But when we accept even a budget one year because we will not spit of 38 million. We know that this amount will not be sufficient to initiate a process of building a new image. Too bad for you ! We do not intend to be more royalist than the king.

In your place, we would have imagined a more realistic budget allocation with a tactical component to promote sales and a powerful event part to improve the image. We have done all this work, although we have not had goal markets. We even wonder if you have the slightest idea. Formulating an overall target of 10 million tourists in 2016 is good, with market decline, this goal is better because it allows for better targeting and budget allocation. Even if your brief is vague and incomplete, it does not bother us to say that it is excellent and it suffers no failure.



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