ATPAC organizes the “Tunisian Gastronmy Awards 2017”

The Tunisian Association of Culinary Professionals (ATPAC) no longer knows or nods. It organizes event-based events and competitive contests to save time and gain momentum to achieve one goal and one; enhance the Tunisian profession and culinary heritage

The association organizes in the days to come a great contest, the “Tunisian Gastronomy Awards 2017”. This competition will be held Saturday, November 11, 2017 on the sidelines of the “SEHRA MED” show in Sehline Sousse. This competition is also and above all a preselection for the “Bocuse d’Or 2019”.

The Bocuse d’Or is held every two years. After several months of preparation, twenty-four of the most promising chefs in the world live two days of intense competition, during which they will have to give the best of themselves to try to win the most beautiful trophy in the world of the gastronomy … The candidates are pre-qualified via continental selections, individual or by “Wild Cards”. At this stage, Tunisia’s participation is still under consideration.

In the meantime, ATPAC defines its mission as follows: “From the north to the south of Tunisia, the professionals of our trades do not know each other, there is no real organization or structure on the part of the state. There is no sharing in Tunisia, although it is one of the fundamental values ​​of our profession.This problematic has a major impact on the standardization of training in Tunisia, and it also prevents us from developing gastronomic heritage on a world scale.

The ATPAC action plan is defined as follows:
Gather all the cooks in order to participate in the various competitions in Tunisia and on the international scale
• Develop and recognize Tunisia’s gastronomic heritage abroad and in Tunisia
• Valorize and ennoble our profession in Tunisia. (National titles, competitions, regional) logo of the association on the outfits etc
• Develop gastronomic tourism with the emphasis on Tunisian Gastronomic Heritage.
• Develop and improve training in culinary arts in Tunisia by creating cookbooks and refer Tunisian gastronomy.

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