Carthage Film Festival: My record!

As many Tunisians , I followed this year the JCC on social networks and television, listening to the radio and reading the newspapers. The controversy focused on the dresses of the guests, the opening and closing ceremonies, the running of the event were so exasperated that I took the time to make my own assessment. By Amel DJAIT

The JCC is an indisputable success. The 200 000 spectators who made the festival are the biggest and outstanding achievements. With this session, the event was an increase in attendance of 30% passersby on the main avenue of the country with the impact that we imagine as impact on businesses.

Projections occurred in Tunis in movie theaters, but also in the regions, prisons, barracks, universities … For more example, follow the release of the film “Aleppo Flower” in prison for women Saadiya. Look at the wonderful story of TV5 Monde:

Moreover, these JCC allowed us to see the talent; that of a youth who speaks, thinks, moves, dares, films …. The session actually reward the Tunisian cinema by two Golden Tanit official competitions and competition first work, specifically “Zainab hate snow “of Kaouthar Ben Henia and “the Last of Us” by Alaeddine Slim. The latter film won two awards at the Venice Film Festival.

During this event, we saw a lot of women I want to know and see beyond the lace, slit skirts and maddening necklines . Intelligent, talented and free, some of them dare to express their views, choices and visions. Some as here, the actress Anissa Daoud regrets that transitional justice in Tunisia did not take place in post January 14, 2011.

Others have won first prize as the talented Kaouther Ben Hania who had served her Challat Tunis, a short fiction film of a beautiful bill. Sees TV 5 Monde report:

I of course watched the JCC closing ceremony. What I saw was amateurish, many amateurs and just amateurish! Whether the organizers of responsibility (choice of providers means, invitations, place, declarations, ….) is not even debatable! But these excesses are as recoverable because when and if they are anticipated, organized, planned, the number and strength of nuisance to the festival and its guests will be greatly reduced.

Overall, politicize this festival is dangerous and all tralalala that followed the strange relationship between JCC and the Presidencies of the Government and the Republic are unnecessary and critical.

To return to the stars and pseudo-celebrities who complain, being beautiful is not enough! An image is working on what we watched, said, expressed liberated, had …. As you hire a designer dress for you, consider getting management for your image. It will be helpful and create jobs!

These unfortunate excesses they can initiate a reputation as a smart festival, popular, activist and celebrated? Buoyed by a public, outstanding, certainly not! But take care of the festival and its guests is a must. A duty of memory and a commitment to the future.
The JCC is an important appointment you for our country and one of the best tools available to it to carry a positive image on its people, its security, its creativity, knowledge, art, …. This event could become a meeting of the world for the “branding” of our destination countries and an important moment to sign contracts, make the “lobbying”, reassure and convince partners to export our goods …. the day we get there, no more misstep will be recorded by the festival!

Pending and finally retain the essential, namely record and a selection of good times on this link:


Golden Tanit: Zainab does not like the snow Khaouther Ben Henia (Tunisia)

Silver Tanit Eshtebek (Clash) Mohamed Diab (Egypt)

Bronze Tanit nights from May 3000 Massri (Palestine)

Special prize of the jury: The revolution will not be televised Rama Tiwa (Senegal)

Best Editing: Ahmed Hafez for Eshtebek film (Clash) (Egypt)

Best view: Ahmed Jabr for the film Eshtebek (Clash) (Egypt)

Best Music: Chkrrr the group for the film Chouf (Tunisia)

Best Screenplay: Massri May 3000 for the film nights (Palestine)

Best Actress: Oulaya Amamra and Deborah Lukumuena for the film Divine (Morocco)


Golden Tanit: The last of us Alaeddine Slim (Tunisia)

Silver Tanit: Now they can come to Salem Brahimi (Algeria)

Special Jury Prize: This little obsession father Salim Mourad (Lebanon)

Best Actress: Noufissa Benchida for the film A mile in my shoes (Morocco)

Best Actor: Majd Mastoura for the film Nhebek Hedi (Tunisia)

Golden Tanit: Marabout Alasan Sy (Senegal)

Silver Tanit: Silence Chadi Aoun (Lebanon)

Bronze Tanit: Place for my self to Dusabejambo Marie Clémentine (Rwanda)


Golden Tanit: The probability of guilt Michael Labarca (Venezuela)

Special Jury Prize: The street of Hope Echkouna Mohamed (Mauritania)

Special Mention: Life’s eye Wafa Hussein (Egypt)


Best cameraman in a Tunisian film Amir Messaadi in the film The Last of Us by Alaeddine Slim

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