Dream City: 4th to 8th of October 2017

The Festival “Dream City”, whose vocation is, since 2007, to bring Art where it is not, presents five days of festivities, exhibitions, performances, in public space, in the streets, cafes, hammams, houses, place of the Medina of Tunis ….

The public will be able on this occasion to discover and rediscover essential places such as hammams, cafes or old houses from a new angle and as part of a cultural activity. The space is thus reinvented by the different Tunisian and foreign artists for this session as Hela Ammar, Rochdi Belgasmi, Ismail Bahri, Nidhal Chamekh, Kaouther Younes …

“Dream City” is the epitome of a festival that revives a territory, the medina of Tunis, and even manages to create a destination, was it ephemeral! It is therefore appropriate to ask why “Dream City” does not evolve to a tourism product in its own right that could boost the medina of Tunis? Its model can be transposed to other sites and tourist attractions across the country and at a time when the destination suffers from a lack of quality products, this option should be considered by other operators.

It should be noted that festivals and events boost the offer of a destination. They can even do more, extending the seasonality of a destination, allowing tourists an immersion and real encounters with the culture of a country. Events often contribute to the branding of a destination, but it is also necessary for the information to reach tourists upstream and downstream.

In Tunisia, events are often designed for locals and few tourists are traveling for an event! First, because the communication is faulty, the places are rare and the information unavailable to the tourists on the spot ….

To do well and to make known is a balance still difficult to find in Tunisia for events, even if they are of quality!

What more way to go!

Meanwhile “Dream City” is an event not to be missed!

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