Discovering Djerba

That is why, with its multiple possibilities of stays and tours, especially affordable, Djerba is among the most attractive travel destinations in Tunisia. Combining scenery, discovery, but also relaxation, the largest of the coastal islands of North Africa is full of varied activities likely to attract and satisfy all the desires and tastes of guests.

The Tunisian handicrafts enthusiasts and appreciate its main city in Moorish architecture, Houmt Souk, particularly famous for its handicrafts, especially its art jewelery finely chiselled and enamelled silver or gold. The famous pottery and basketry Guellala Fatou are also very popular … not to mention workshops and souks of the island, such as dyers and weavers (weaving is a typical activity of Djerba), which are full of objects of great delicacy. But the island also boasts many attractions for lovers of cultural discoveries, like the inescapable Eastern Ghriba synagogue, with its tiles and stained glass windows of breathtaking beauty, or the walls of Boy El Kebir. Finally, conducive to relaxation and water sports (the island has twenty kilometers of golden sand beaches) with its particularly mild climate throughout the year, Djerba will delight lovers of active tourism, because it has expanded equipment , to engage in a diverse sport, at sea and on land.

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