My evening at a L’Oréal hairdressing show

When Gilda invites me to an evening “L’Oréal”, she tells me just what it takes to titillate my curiosity: Do you want to see a real hairdressing show?

Skeptic, the hairstyle shows are not my favourite cup of tea! And yet!

It was a delicious moment assured by a talented Jerome Guézou, ambassador L’Oréal passing through Tunisia. The show consists of a styling session on stage with a setting set as music paper. All the components of the show are set up: music, light, costumes, accessories … The hairdresser dances, cap, greenhouse, loosens, ties, loose … and dances again …

The show reached its paroxysm when it capped the pretty Maram Ben Aziza of a majestic bun with several feathers …. Looking at Jérome Guezou to make his show, I ask him if he is hairdresser or illusionist!


The show celebrates creativity in hairdressing. It is destined to identify new talents of high hairstyle in Tunisia and it is precisely 3 young Tunisian hairdressers who opened the show with the creation of big evening bun.

L’Oréal Tunisie is a training center that accompanied 400 young people during the year 2016.

L’Oréal is the world leader in cosmetics. The company puts innovation at the heart of its action. 3000 researchers plan everyday on solutions for the future for the pleasure and beauty of women.


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