Click & Like: Strolls at the central market of Tunis in photos

Pierre Gassin is a photographer. He often walks with his mobile in his hand.

Here and there, he captures postures, people, smiles, objects, landscapes … Here and there, with poetry, humor and sensitivity, he captures life. With passion, he shares his love of Tunisia.

Click & like is a series of snapshots that 1001tunisie proposes to carve the daily life of a country so alive … and let’s face it, sometimes confusing.


Fish Market Crates before breakageTouches not my gutsThe man on the motorbikeMerguez or not ?Capers! Stay calm !Nobody waits for his turn!Numbers and few letters!Smen or honey?Daily ShoppingFish cleaning with the capLemonade and patienceWhere is the fish where is it?Tuna SymphonyBouri ya bouriTime for the grouperCheeses and tastesAnd plants, are they eaten? Boxes SymphonyDead nature, alive vegetables? Siesta with geraniumAlmonds do not break themselves!Green and redBread and perfume

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