International Carthage Festival: The 2017 program

The 53rd edition of the International Festival of Carthage will be held from July 13 to August 19, 2017. The evenings will be held in the ancient theater and for some performances at the Museum of Carthage.

The 53rd session of the Carthage Festival is far from being a surprise. Seen and reviewed, some shows will certainly fill up and can absolutely integrate into the commercial circuit of the Tunisian event. This program, thought and wanted in conditions are all quite difficult by Mokthar Rassaa and his team gently holds the attention. It begs the questions: What do festivals want for the public? What is the role of a festival?

July 14: ” Al-Medha ”, liturgical songs of Kairouan and the Sahel region, show produced by Hmida Jarray

July 15th: Faya Younan

16 July: ” Houriya ” by Leila Toubel and Mehdi Trabelsi (Carthage Museum)

July 17th: ” Lemdina ”

July 18th: Black M

July 19th: Ragheb Alama

July 19th: Michel Boujenah (Museum of Carthage)

July 20th: Postmodern jukebox

July 21st: ‘ Sakarat ”, Dorsaf Hamdani’s singing show

July 22nd: ” The Snow Queen, the adventure continues ”

July 23rd: ” Poem ”, the show of the Spanish Rosario Flores and the Iranian Mohammad Motamedi

July 24th: Agathe Quartet (Carthage Museum)

July 25th: ” Sanaat Lidin ”, show by the Tunisian artist Mortadha (Carthage Museum)

July 26th: ” Ghanni Lil-Hayat ”, Asma Ben Ahmed’s singing show

July 27th: ” The Carthage Arena ” with Balti, Akrem Mag, Kly BBJ

July 28th: Shirine Abdelwahab

July 29th: ” Abdelli Show ”, Lotfi Abdelli

July 30th: Concert of the Algerian Kader El Japoni

August 1st : Argentina Tango

August 3rd: Zucchero

August 3rd: Concert by Mounir Troudi and Senda El-Atri

August 4th: Oumaima Al-Khalil and Abderrahman Mohamed singing concert

August 4th: Concert by Sabry Mosbah (Carthage Museum)

August 5th: Singing concert by Amani Souissi and Aymen Lassik

August 6th: “Terrorist minus a quarter”, comedian Raouf Yaghlane (Museum of Carthage)

August 7th: Nassif Zeitoun

August 8th: Walid Tounsi

August 9th: Nancy Ajram

August 10th: ” Ghanni Lil Hob Wa Assalam ”, show by Mokdad Shili

August 11th: Booba rap concert

August 12th: Emel Mathlouthi

August 13th: Leena Chamamyan

August 15th: Drama play by Mohamed Moncef Ben Mrad, directed by Mohamed Kouka (Carthage Museum)

August 16th: Sofia Sadek

August 17th: ” Fabulous ” by Yasmine Azaiez

August 19th: Closing with the Hindu show ” Bharati 2 ”

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