Excuse me Mrs. Bahia Rachedi!

Excuse me Mrs. Bahia Rachedi,

Your words are incisive, your tears painful and humiliating , your emotional frankness, your contagious pain.

Know Great lady, you are queen here. Know that people are “A” and there is not a house in Tunisia where you would be invited and pampered, cajoled …!

The JCC is to all of us, including you! The JCC also to those who missed, intentionally or not, considerate of you. This festival is that all Tunisians, North Africans, Africans. A festival that attracts the attention of the world!

The JCC is ours. The JCC yours.

But it is for us to take stock, reflect and work to move forward! For this Festival and the Cinema, let us learn from our mistakes, deconstruct and build again!

What this session compared to the History of the JCC? What this odd compared to Tunisian history and its relations with Algeria?

Tunisia dreams with open eyes, stumbles and is probably lost …. To better meet and rebuild.

Dear Madam, My respects and my regrets! The challenge is to start working the next session of the JCC today! We bet that this will be done!

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